Long Term Ski Storage

Jackson Hole Ski Locker

Jackson Hole Locker brings long term storage for your ski gear right to your door. Our ski bags can accommodate one pair of skis and poles up to 200cm. Snowboard bags fit boards up to 165cm. Store your boots and other gear inside our heavy duty plastic ski locker (bins). Each bin is large enough for two sets of ski gear (ski/snowboard boots, shell, down coat, pants, vest, long underwear, goggles, gloves, hats, neck gaiter, socks) with room left over for extras like: hand warmers, toiletry kit, sunscreen, swimsuits, two way radios, lip balm, medicine, etc.

Ski Locker Downhill Skis  Ski Locker stacked bins  Ski Locker ski bags and stacked bins


Backcountry Gear

Our bins are great for storing your backcountry essentials. Avalanche transceivers, shovels, probes, climbing skins, backpacks, Avalung, first aid kit, headlamps, repair kit, airbag, lighter/matches, hydration packs, multi tool etc.

Ski Locker backcountry gear Ski Locker glory inversion.

Ski Storage with Jackson Hole Locker saves time, money, and stress.

Dragging your ski bags to, from, and through the airport really is a DRAG. While baggage fees keep increasing you are left worrying if your skis will arrive intact. Shipping your skis is a hassle and can cost $140-$280 round trip. Renting is always an option, but at over $65/day you might as well buy your own.

Store your skis and gear with Jackson Hole Locker and start enjoying stress free travel today.

Order as many empty bags and bins as you need and Jackson Hole Locker will deliver them for FREE!