Simply click on "GET YOUR LOCKER" to place your order. A Jackson Hole Locker representative will be in touch to arrange delivery. You may also call or email us to discuss your storage needs.
Email, call, or text us with your itinerary. We will need your arrival & departure dates, resort or hotel name, and name of reservation. Please remember to give at least 7 days advance notice.
All items must fit inside the locker(s) with the lids and/or zippers closed and secured. There is a weight limit of 50lbs per bin, 40lbs per golf bag, and 25lbs per ski/snowboard bag. One set of ski/snowboard/or golf clubs per locker please.
Our members store all sorts of things like: clothing, ski boots, hiking maps, backpacks, sewing kits, camping gear, ziplock bags, backcountry equipment, binoculars, rain gear, toiletry kits, sunscreen, crock pots, baby gear, spices, holiday decorations, fishing gear, swimsuits, toys and games, first aid kits, cookware and knives, and of course SKIS, SNOWBOARDS, and GOLF CLUBS. What you store is up to you.
Firearms, explosives, drugs or drug paraphernalia, living things, stolen items, perishable items, fragile materials, valuable documents, currency, jewelry, fine art, or anything that is otherwise dangerous to store or handle.
We do not recommend storing laundry detergent as the fragrance tends to permeate other locker contents. Take care to ensure that all clothing and equipment is dry before sealing your lockers. Take extra care when packing any items containing liquids.
We will never open your locker(s) unless instructed by order of law enforcement, or upon default of any of your obligations under the storage agreement.
You are responsible for providing your own insurance. We recommend checking to see if your homeowners policy offers this coverage. Jackson Hole Locker LLC carries liability insurance on our warehouse, vehicles and drivers. Our liability is limited to $100 per locker with a maximum of $500 per membership.
We will provide you with empty ski, snowboard, and/or golf storage bags. Zippers must be closed and secured. There is a weight limit of 25 pounds per ski/snowboard bag and 40 pounds per golf bag. One set of ski/snowboard or golf clubs per locker please.
Our warehouse is not open to the public. Contact us and we will be glad to deliver your lockers. Please remember to give at least 7 days advance notice.